We are Sinaloane. Our speciality is radio production and imaging.

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With knowledge of the radio industry from programming, to presentation, we’ll make sure your imaging is tailored to work for you as a station, for your presenters to work with, but most importantly, we’ll make sure your imaging reflects your listeners and what your station stands for.

 If you want all the whizzes and bangs of a commercial station, less whizzes and bangs, or just something simple and easy on the ear, all imaging will be produced with the upmost creativity, with your listeners always at the forefront of production. We can produce anything from full station packages, radio adverts, promotions,special event imaging, bespoke packages and everything in between. If you hear it on the radio, it’s more than likely something we can produce.

 And we all know that radio never sleeps, which is why your imaging can be produced at any time of day (or night), depending on how urgently you need it. Simply contact us for a quote and a chat  and see how we can help you create your imaging.